Kitchen off of entry foyer in new build--does this work?

7 days ago

The original layout had an "extra" living room, so I want to eliminate that. I thought I'd do it by moving the kitchen from the northwest spot to just west of the entry way, but i'm not sure if that works. I'd like the main sitting area to be on the far west end, where it is, for the best south and west views.

The dinner table will not get used as much as a smaller breakfast table so i will probably have a table that expands if I can only have one. Also, I'd like a second small sink in the kitchen, and I'm not sure there's a good spot for it in this layout.

But does it seem odd to have the kitchen right there off of the entry foyer. Would it work if the back of the kitchen wall that faces the foyer has a combination of art and shelves with decorative objects? Or am i missing another problem?

Also, the fireplace moved to the middle of the space provides some visual divider between the spaces, while still allowing you to see out the west windows, but the ceiling is high in the middle there, so that would mean a very tall chimney.


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