Restore/reupholster/replace favorite leather chair?

Hi all. Here is my favorite chair. it was a custom order from a wonderful local furniture store now out of business (thanks, COVID). i bought it in 2015 and paid, I think, around $600. It is all leather.

Now i’m redoing my living room — new floors, new paint, new sofa and loveseat — and i’d really like to keep my chair.

So —

* How do I clean it and make it look new again?

*Is it worth reupholstering? This chair is in a trim size and reclines, rocks, and swivels. That‘s not a combination you find everywhere.

I still enjoy the color, but now it’s too lemony for my plan — needs to be more gold. If i reupholstered, i could of course get that.

*Where could I find an equivalent chair today? I’ve looked through the popular online options. I’ve looked at local furniture stores. I can pay more than $600 today, but the ceiling is $1000. Am I dreaming?

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