Floor to ceiling window coverings

9 days ago

Just moved into our newly constructed home. Our dining room faces west and has floor to ceiling windows: two 72" W x 90" H topped by 72" W x 42" H. The ceilings are 14 ft. There's virtually no overhang outside the window, so the sun is brutal from about 3 til sunset each day. We have a lovely view, and I'm hesitant to cover it up, but we have to do something about the sun. Privacy is not an issue. I thought about putting up sheers on rings, but am concerned about being able to close such a tall drapery on a daily basis. Has anyone used solar film in this situation? My only experience with solar film was many years ago with a DIY product from home depot- after several years, the film turned cloudy and brittle, and we couldn't get it off the window. Is the product sold by solar film dealers any different?

Photo below- excuse the mess, we're still unpacking. We have large windows in other rooms, but with an extended patio roof, and right now the sun isn't an issue.

Thanks for any advice!

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