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Redesigning bungalow layout - seeking feedback!

A. Wu
last year
last modified: last year

We’re looking to reno the main floor of our bungalow. The first photo is our current floor plan and the second is the work-in-progress design. Would like to hear some thoughts on the plan and other considerations!

Some notes:

-You’ll note there seems to be some unused space (black box in the current floor plan) that I’m hoping to open up. No clue what’s behind there though…

-We’d like to remove the wood fireplace to create more room (we don’t use it and no plans to resell the home), but have been told it would be a big and costly job. Curious to hear thoughts from others on this.

-We were concurrently hoping to expand the windows in the living room (they are only ~1 ft in height) but have been also told it would be expensive (our build is brick with stucco exterior). Not sure if worth pursuing…

Edit: for some clarity, we’re not looking to add an extra bedroom, but are hoping to make the main washroom and kitchen larger (ideally adding an island). the living room feels a bit dark/cramped as well so was hoping to improve on that as well.

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