Help anticipating party pitfalls . . .

l pinkmountain
10 days ago

As some of you know, I am working on a 90th birthday celebration for my Dad. The party is small, just a few local friends and neighbors (all vaccinated) and a visit from dear family friends who live about an hour away, we haven't seen them in two years! So somewhat celebratory. It's an open house just stop in and say "hi" kind of thing, 3-5 PM. I'm doing SIMPLE food and just trying to anticipate any issues or unforseen things about the spread ahead of time. The total in attendance will be about a dozen, give or take one or two. Trying to avoid anything that has to have multiple hands on it.


Hummingbird cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Maple cream cookies (store bought)

Note: next item is a bit fussy but doing it in homage to my late mother. Lil smokies in mustard jelly sauce out of the chafing dish. Using up some long cocktail toothpicks I have for serve yourself. The only really fussy part will be setting up the chafing dish, but it belonged to my late mother and we never get to use it. If it ends up seeming too tiresome, can just do chunks of salami or something similar.

Cheese and crackers (Again, will have to have toothpicks for picking up cheese, and will have to pre-slice but that's no biggie, you can buy it like that too.)

Spinach wrap pinwheels with spinach artichoke hummus, held together with toothpick for picking up off serving tray

Now here's where it gets tricky: two 12 cup coffee makers one with decaf and one with caff coffee. Not sure on this one. Could also just do coffee and then hot water for tea in a thermos. We have the two coffee makers so that's easy, one is my Dad's and one is mine. I also have the coffee and thermal cups, etc.


Bottled water if anyone wants it.

Served on mom's plastic party plates with real silverware that can be tossed in the nearby sink when folks are done. Paper thermal cups and paper napkins can be tossed in trash along with toothpicks. I have sugar and artificial sweetener packets but milk or half and half is going to have to be "hands on" I'm not getting those plastic pods, very resource wasteful. I'll keep sanitizer nearby and folks could also pick up the milk with a napkin. I have a nice small ceramic milk pitcher. Coffee also has to be hands on . . .

Again, not trying to be fanatical, all vaxxed prudent people invited, just want to make it as easy and worry free as possible. I can have disposable masks available too, but since the party is small I think most folks will be able to keep a comfortable distance, as not everyone is coming at the same time, and even if they did, still lots of space.

Is there something I'm not anticipating?

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