Help shaping fiddle leaf fig

Ольга Минаева
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My fiddle leaf fig seams to be growing too well so I need and advice.
It is about 10 feet tall right now and not going to stop. I have double height ceilings so they allow it, bit it is starting to lean even though it is right next to the window (facing East in California). Also, it has two branches going outward that looked in place when it was little but look weird (and obstruct the view) now.
Should I cut the branches and just leave a single long stem? How do I stop it from leaning being that tall and thin?
Should I cut the main stem to encourage branching? I prefer the tree shape but then I would have to move it away from the window to get more space, not sure the light will be enough. And it would be devastating to cut a significant part of the top when it is so healthy.
Please advise!

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