Mudroom Design - Thoughts on layout?

last month

Not sure about the layout I have doing on for my mudroom. I think I like it. But I'm not sure if I love it. We're about to frame it in. We are working with an interior designer. She has sketched something up. Do you have thoughts on it?

A little about our family & how we plan to use the space:

- Family of 4 with two kids ages 7 and 4.

- We live in a Canadian climate (think 4 seasons and lots of winter gear!)

- My kids play hockey and we may store their equipment in a separate part of this mudroom. If I can set it up so it doesn't pollute the rest of the area. Haha

- We plan to use this as our main entrance to the house, either from the front porch entrance or the garage.

- I really don't want to

move the walls.

- I want 4 cubbies.

- I want lots of hanging storage for winter and other coats and gear.

- I would like an adjustable shoe and boot rack that's open so people actually use it.

- I would like to keep the drawers for hats and mittens etc.

- I'm aware that there is a dead corner beside the open shoe shelving and hanging shelving, and I think I'm ok with it, given the total amount of storage. I opted for the dead corner because I'm not a fan of places where things can just go to never be seen again. I'd rather not have the extra space.

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