Lacanche vs La Cornue

last month

Hello. After many, many years of planning and dreaming we are finally beginning to build our dream kitchen. We are decideing between two French ranges, Lacanche and La Cornue. I am wondring if anyone has experience with either of these and if you like one better than the other. We have been researching them forever and still cannot decide. Our family cooks, bakes and entertains a ton so we are looking for something that is not only beautiful but also practical and a workhorse! We are visiting a La Cornue showroom tomorrow in Southwest Michigan but cannot find any dealers of Lacanche. I see they have very limited showrooms in the US. Is there a way you can see one in or near Michigan in person before purchasing? Any advice is greatly appreciated. We are super excied to finally be in a palce where we can do this and want to get it just right! Thank you!

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