Need a new climbing or rambler flowers

Dawn C
19 days ago

I am a fairly new gardener in 9a and have cedar trellises and posts on the front side of my one story home. I had 4 Sally Holmes bushes spread out and pinned up as they grew. I just pulled them because I cannot take any more of the thorns. Even with garden gloves and long pruners, I get poked and cut to pieces every time I have to mess with it. This leaves me never wanting to mess with it and it becomes unsightly and more difficult to handle. It also never bloomed well in all 3 years that it was here. So I need some sort of climbing flowers that are thornless or nearly thornless. I searched online but hesitate to land on anything because I also need to consider that I live in a very humid climate and these bushes would receive the hot afternoon Houston sun. I love white flowers, but also love peachy color, light pinks, or purples. Any advice would be so appreciated!

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