Goodbye Quickfire :(

Installed in June of 2008 and a disappointment every year since. It's color only ever went from white to brown- if there was ever a hint of pink it lasted maybe ten minutes. It was lovely while white but once it started to turn each year I liked it less and less.

I tried keeping it more consistently moist, tried ignoring it, and did everything I know to do. But it's such a large shrub (fence is six feet) and in such an important spot that I knew sooner or later the day would come.

Well, it came this week.

Now replaced with a Fire Light®- I tried one in another spot last year to verify the color and it seems to be a big improvement, so fingers crossed.

And I must take a moment to express my undying thanks to the man with the shovel, Mr. Cearbhaill, who will dig and transplant and do anything I ask of him, and lord knows over the years I have asked a lot. "If we could move that over just eight inches or so..."

This was an enormous job and he did it well and without too much complaining. He dug the thing and drug the stump 400 feet to the giant compost pile in the woods. He asks for so very little in return- some dinner and a chocolate chip cookie in his lunch every day and he's happy.

So out with the old and in with the new and RIP Quickfire.

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  • luis_pr
    7 months ago
    last modified: 7 months ago

    Possibly heat issues in the summer. Over here in Texas, paniculatas that do not bloom early do the same thing thing. For example, Vanilla Strawberry, would go from white to brown as its blooms open when we are getting temps at or above 100F. Ssometimes, the blooms get pinks but never magenta. QF blooms early here, so you get some pink that turns brown early if exposed to enough low humidity and high temps.

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  • lovemycorgi z5b SE michigan
    7 months ago

    Oh, so sorry, that sure was a large, beautiful specimen! But totally understand your frustration. Even here in Michigan, my full-sun Quickfires will brown earlier than those I have in part-shade. Enjoy your Firelight, they’re beautiful shrubs!!

  • pennlake
    7 months ago

    The breeding on Hydrangea paniculata has come a long way. Good time to change it up. Fire Light is a good one. I also find Berry White colors up quite reliably.

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  • Marie Tulin
    7 months ago

    congratulations on being able to dig it up and throw it out! All too many of us wait and wait and hate and hate before we finally get around to what needs to be done. The relief is enormous and of course we say "why didn't I do that years ago?"

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  • mzdee
    7 months ago

    Ohhhh I am so 😔. I guess I got lucky with siting my quick fire. Hope your replacement works out well.

  • KW
    7 months ago

    @cearbhaill (zone 6b Eastern Kentucky) Kudos to the guy with the shovel! Sounds like my DH who, when someone remarks to him positvely on our landscape replies ”oh, I just dig the holes, Kathy puts the stuff in…” Sounds like we both have our ”Match made in heaven”!

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  • ostrich
    6 months ago

    So sorry to see this go - it was large and gorgeous! However, I do see what you meant about going from white to this awful panty hose brown colour in no time, as I had that in Ohio before. Curiously, now that I am way up in Canada, with our very cool whether, it turns from white to a lovely pink for a long time here. I think that everyone is right in pointing out that it is just a matter of finding the right space, climate and moisture for this hydrangea.... personally I love Quick Fire but I can see what you'd like to plant something else there. I wish you better luck with Firelight!

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