Help with separating roses

15 days ago
last modified: 15 days ago

Hi everyone!When I started my rooftop garden I made a big mistake. I planted two roses in the same pot (a 60x30cm trough). It was my first time planting roses and I just thought the colors would look nice together. They are both David Austins, one is Heritage and the other is Teasing Georgia. When I got them they were tiny and I had no idea how big they would get. That trough is so tiny now... Wish I had known better! Teasing Georgia has gotten gigantic in the space of three months and is now taller than me, while Heritage is fine, but vegetating in the shade of the other and barely flowered this summer. I want to separate them and give them each a nice big planter to thrive in. Should I just separate them now?I should probably cut them down a bit (a lot?) before repotting them. But all the advice I see online for my zone (10-11, south Mediterranean) says to wait until January to prune. On the other hand all the websites tell me Autumn is a good time to repot. So I am very confused. I love them both and want to try to separate them without killing them! Any advice?

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