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October Week 1: I still wish it would Pour!

last year

Err. I see what I did (October Week 4)...I'll try to delete that one.

Ok, well, I am grateful for what we got...but darn it's not enough. I'm glad it's cooler, but if it can't be wetter, can it just snow and head toward spring? :) (yes, I know..enjoy fall first?)

It's a Jasper-terrific day, I had an enjoyable walk. The only issue is dog is TOO friendly. He ran into street last night while out to pee, to 'greet'/assault a walker. Then I had to carry him home because he wouldn't leave the kids next door (who don't really want him seems anyway). Geez, I almost wanted to tell kids, beat him with a stick till he goes home (to cure this friendliness issue). Then, I'll end up with a dog that bites kids (how do you win?)

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