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What are your most memorable music concerts?

last year

Gscience got me thinking back when I was younger and went to concerts every five minutes it seemed and I do have a few memorable ones.

The Monkees, (12 yrs old) my first concert at the Tulsa Civic Center and my bff who was with me caught the drum stick Micky Dolenz threw to the audience. It was meant for me, I just know it.

Steppenwolf (15 yo) in Tulsa. They were great but that was the night that kept me from drinking for the rest of my life. Coming home I was drinking a bottle of coke when someone poured rum in it. Imposible to mix because it'd spew, so I drank it. did you know rum and coke doesn't mix in a bottle, the rum stays on top? Parents weren't home, my brother carried me inside and lectured me from here to Kingdom Come. But he didn't tell on me. I miss him.

THE MOST AMAZING CONCERT EVER!! The Allman Brothers Band in college. Now we didn't imbibe in anything, but not one person in the audience (back when we sat in chairs) moved. Everyone, including DH and myself were in an Allman Brothers trance.

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