October 2021 in my hosta garden

We have another month or so before our first frost of the season here in zone 7b. Autumn is the best time of year for me. The humidity is low, the temperatures are not extreme, and the mosquitos are not quite as active. My family has had a hard month personally, with surgeries and car accident and extreme stresses. Things seem calmer and closer to normal for past 3 days, so here's hoping.

Here is a glimpse of my Nigrescens in its 3rd season, purchased small. Next year, it should be fabulous.

Remember Me and Chorus Girl with some Tricyrtis and mairisii fern

Tokudama and Fog Light

June grown in too much sun.

Ben Vernooij

Captain Kirk and Lakeside Prophecy Fulfilled

Mourning Dove in morning light. Foregroud is a persistent, slow-growing Home Depot NOID.

Wild patch of blue mist flower that seeded itself next to my butterfly garden. It may take over the front yard, but that's OK. That part of the yard is too sunny for growing hostas, so the blue mist flower can have it.

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