Cannot do a keyword search limited to just the Hydrangea Forum

7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

Has anyone else run into this problem using a PC?

I used to be able to do a search in the Hydrangea forum and limit the search to just the Hydrangea Forum. After typing the keywords in the search box at the top of the webpage, the box would display a list of places where I could search... and I would normally select/click where it said "in Hydrangea Discussions". That is gone today.

Each of the other Gardenweb forums that I tried also did the same. When I tried to do a search today, I could not select "in Hydrangea Discussions" to limit the search. The default now is "in Houzz Discussions". That results in a huge numbers of hits, most of which are not part of the Hydrangea Forum.

Any ideas on how to limit the scope of the search now? Houzz just said "At this time, you are only able to search keywords in all discussions."

Thanks in advance, Luis

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