On-site quartz sink enlarging due to fabrication error

19 days ago

Looking for some help/opinions. We just had Cambria Torquay quartz installed in our kitchen. The fabricator programmed the wrong sink size when cutting the sink cut out prior to installation, resulting in a smaller sink cut out for our actual sink. We now have a 3/4 inch overhang on each side and 1/4 inch front to back of our undermount sink (versus the standard 1/8 or 1/4 all the way around, which I have read is standard).

The sink is on the smaller side as it is (21 inches wide; the opening was cut to 19.5 inches) due to space constrictions and our original hope was to get as much usable sink space as possible. The company has said they can send someone to fix it; however, we are concerned about whether this work can really be done post installation with good results (onsite cutting versus done in advance via laser). Would appreciate any input!

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