Are some sizes and shapes of windows cheaper than others?

Sarah Moore Laja
29 days ago

Hey folks,
I am designing and building a new house. I am having a really hard time tracking down window prices. I will have a builder build it but he charges several thousand dollars just to bid the project (I understand why) and I can make the windows any size and shape now, but won't find what their cost is until later...
So ... Does anyone have experience paying for windows for new construction that could help me? E.g. is a 6ftx 2 ft more expensive than a 5ftx3ft? Are there standard sizes and "special" sizes? If I want a "window experience" on a wall, how does it compare to put in one 8x 6ft window vs 3 6x2ft windows...? I would love any resources you can point to that give guidance on prices... I am in Austin TX. Looking at Andersson, Pella and Marvin. (They won't quote me over the phone... )

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