Winterize climbing roses

Meng Han
25 days ago

Hi, I am living in Toronto, where the harsh winter is the norm. I have a couple of climbing roses and I observed severe dieback during the winter. I am looking for some advice to protect climbing roses.

One piece of advice I found over the internet is the following video, in which people recommend to build a chicken wire fence around the rose and put leaves inside the fence;

Another piece of advice is the “Minnesota Tip”, i.e. digging a trench and leaning over and burying the entire rose.

I think both would work for mid-size climbing roses which are not attached to a structure. I have a HUGE rambling rose (Kiftsgate) which would grow to 5-6 meters and are attached to a pergola. So I don't think either method above would be good.

Any idea on how to protect this huge rambling rose? Thanks for your help.

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