Master bath questions

Bobby A
26 days ago

Attaching a rough layout of the master bath. Currently there is a tub on the left hand corner. Wife wants to remove it and have a bigger walk in shower. If we go with that plan, I am suggesting to have do doors for the shower and just have a walk in. Someone recommended that door less showers loose heat. This is in SF bay area, so cold is not that big of an issue.

Ideally I would like to have a curb less shower too but the two contractors I had come in to take a look and provide quotes, are trying to so no to do it. Personally I hate those steps, I know it will cost more but this whole remodel is going to cost so additional cost of curb less can't be that much. Maybe I don't know as the contractor who provided quote, didn't quote it. Still waiting to hear from the second one.

Another choice would be smaller tub in the same location as before but then the walk in would be smaller and would need a door. Any ideas/suggestions?

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