Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

Maddie Victoria
22 days ago

We are slowly redoing our home and I want to get started on the Laundry room next but I need help! The room is 7ft(window wall) x 6ft and feels extremely cramped. It must have been designed when dryers were smaller. I assume a dryer should sit in this bare space next to the cupboards? The washer/dryer are relatively new so I’d rather not replace them, but here are my only thoughts so far:

  • Replace the washer/dryer with front loading so I can add an additional shelf under the window. This doesn’t solve the random gap-under-counter issue and is more expensive.
  • …that’s my only idea :(

Any suggestions welcomed! Let me know if more details are required for help!! Also, if you know a reliable contractor in the Ventura County, CA area please send a recommendation!! Lots of potential work to be done that my husband and I may not be the best to accomplish.

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