Wood Replacement Window Costs

27 days ago

I'm looking to replace 8 double hung windows and a large picture window. All are custom sizes. We've looked at several brands with the Pella Lifestyle series seeming to have good ratings and aesthetics for our budget. I have a quote for 9 windows that's coming out ~$1700 a window installed. This is with standard hardware and screens. Seemed a bit high to us, even for wood windows, as Lifestyle is Pella's entry line and compared to other brands we looked at. I think install was ~$300 a window (which seemed reasonable). Is this high? Does Pella set the price for its windows or should we look at other installers? Is Pella worth $1700 a window? We don't mind paying more. What I want is a good window installed without issues that holds up over time. Thanks.

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