The addition makes no sense...What to do with this space?

Janelle H
28 days ago

Hi! SO just moving in to our new house. I have been fixating on this space hoping something would come to me, and it just hasn't. So basically the house from 1950 has a relatively functional layout ( minus the kitchen but just ignore that for now). I'll include photos of the plans. Then in 1976 they added on a sunroom/ breakfast room. So my question is, what would you do with this space? The sunroom has french doors to the dining room, and a big picture window to the living room. Then a wide hall ( on plans looks like it used to be an indoor planter but that is gone now) down to the breakfast room which has a wet bar and sort of little window openings to the kitchen. Lots of light. Open to any ideas how you would decorate/ use this space. Also have considered making the window into just a solid wall.

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