The irony of plants

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Last winter I ate a bunch of persimmons and cherimoyas and launched myself to germinate the seeds over the winter. I had the full set-up: heating mat, indoor lights, special soil... a number of the seeds did pop up but never had the robust flush of growth and then fell prey to whatever ailments that overtook them despite my nurturing efforts. On warmer days I set the pots out in the dappled sun to bask. Some were planted into the ground where they would have more room. But by June, the few that hanged on looked sickly and withered away. Rather discouraged, I tossed the ungerminated seeds into a bin w/ some soil and left it in a corner, having written them off as duds. That very pot, as I was cleaning out the yard today, has these beautiful seedlings. I believe some are cherimoyas, some are persimmons but I had to chuckle to myself that Mother Nature likes to play jokes on us mortals, reminding everyone that ultimately the plants will do things in their own time. We may fuss over them but nature holds the true power to turn on the green light!

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