Advice for furniture placement in awkward room?

Emory Klann
last month

I just moved into a house with 2 other roommates, and I’m lucky to have the most spacious bedroom. However, I’m struggling with furniture placement. I’ve attached images of what the room looks like (furniture pictured is not mine) and the measurements. There’s also a vent on the wall that’s about 10 inches up from the floor.

The main furniture I have is a full sized bed, a dresser with a TV on top (18” deep x 54.5” wide), a small night stand (17.75 x 17.75), and a desk (23.5” deep x 47.25” wide). I’m also looking to get a small bookshelf around 24” wide if I somehow find space.

Any advice on layout/furniture placement helps! Everything I’ve tried looks off in some way.

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