Lawn overseed or start over

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I had or lawn reseeded in spring of 2021. Advice from professionals was to slit seed through the dead crabgrass that was completely covering the area. Three weeks later it was suggested I apply lawn food, which i did, and deal with any crabgrass later. By July my yard was completely green and lush CRABGRASS again. I paid $4,700 to seed my 100,000 sf area this time. I had paid same company $3k to seed it when home was built in summer of 2020. I know have almost $8k in seed, very little grass and not sure what to do. Attached pics of best areas (areas with a little less direct sun) this area is approx 30,000 sf of the 100k.

Other pic is of majority of backyard. Local advice is slit seed again OR mow super short, aerate, and broadcast seed. Soil is very sandy but I do have a sprinkler system covering all of it. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am in Northern Indiana

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