Had fire, should I change layout in my 2013 Gardenweb assist kitchen?

21 days ago

Hi! Can't believe I'm back here. Was obsessed with this site when we did our kitchen in 2013. It was so helpful and i "met" such nice people! We had a fire and are forced to renovate our entire kitchen.


The contractor suggests a large island, no peninsula. Fridge on sink wall all the way to right. Sink and cooktop/oven remain where they are. Current fridge wall used for shallower 12/15" cabinetry, for a bar set up or shallow full height pantry.

Im too exhausted from all we've been through to post exact scale dimensions yet, but the one that matters most Im sure is the width of kitchen from window wall to wall with walkway/doors to basement is 12' 2". (that does not include the window bump out)

If we started a 3' wide island around where my existing (2'x4.5') one starts it could be as long as 11/12 feet.

Just asking a preliminary, would you, from looking at these pics, think a large island would be better use of space in this kitchen? Anything else you see that you would think should be changed? Easiest would be to redo as it was. And I don't have much left in me for obsessing over this again. But cannot help thinking its now or never if I want a change. And I admit to just wanting a big island! I did do a basic mock up with tables, and it makes kitchen look much bigger and I didnt feel it was too cramped except in front of basement door. And I think to help with that Id only do seating down at the end.

Things I loved about my peninsula - I really liked people being "over there"! Not in my way or staring at me too closely when cooking. Guests gather there, away from the messes I make around cooktop.

Thing I didnt like - peninsula itself was sometimes in my way when serving/eating at dining table. REF is far from dining table which I find inconvenient. Loved my island but always wished it was bigger. Guests all congregate in the corner where toaster oven is.

Will post proposed island layout if I ever get it. Im just wondering if I should make it easy and say forget it, the way I had it was best use of space just redo. Or if I should start working on planning zones in new layout.

Any insight, first impressions etc appreciated. Thanks!

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