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Need some curb appeal help for our mountain house!!!

9 months ago

New to us mountain house/cabin and we need some ideas to improve the curb appeal. The house is located in Northwest WA state close to Mt. Baker. Right off the bat I was thinking about having it painted a dark grey and adding some sconces to the entryway. Cleaning up the dangling coax cables and painting the power meter the same as the body of the house should help it blend in better.

We have two main challenges:

1) The porch has two doors, the one on the left with the windows is the true front door. The other, solid door, access the utility/storage room for skis and snowboards. What are your suggestions to help define the front door.

2) The side of the house facing the road has a large wall without much symmetry. What would you suggest to help make this look better?

Overall, what can we do to make the house more attractive?

Paint color ideas?

Thank you!!

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