Rose behavior during & after growing season

I'm wondering if a rose's behavior during the growing season (as in how it reacts to certain temperature ranges) predict how it will handle the dormant season? For instance, I have 2 first year grafted plants put in this spring, which act completely opposite. One is Moonlight in Paris and the other is Le Petit Prince. Moonlight in Paris seems to detest the hot weather in my garden, even in afternoon shade. It just will not grow, let alone consider making a bloom. It did nothing from late June through late August. Now that temps have cooled down by about 10-15° night and day, MIP is thriving and blooming well. On the flip side, Le Petit Prince bloomed well and grew all summer long through the worst of the heat, unfazed, but as soon as the temps cooled, it quit. The buds it made at the end of the summer heat are opening unbearably slowly, some appear to have stopped developing completely, and no more foliage growth either. MIP has been reported by a fellow zone 5er to be quite hardy, and I wonder if MIP's affinity for cooler temps correlates. Of course, I'm also wondering if LPP's clear distaste for cool is going to translate to poor hardiness.
It should be interesting to see the outcome next spring. Any thoughts?

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