Wedding Gift Amounts These Days

last month

I'm kind of out of touch with amounts for gifts, but our friends' and relatives' kids are now starting to be married. We are in New England. Going to a niece's wedding on Sunday.

We're not terribly close, but used to live nearby and participated in her growing up, etc. High school and college graduations, and the like.

I think that the thought is to at least cover the cost of our attendance and meals, but I've no idea what that is and I'm not sure that should be the guage (gauge?).

Should the 2 of us give $200? (we think that's too little). $250? $300? Other?

Thanks for any intelligence you can provide on this. We just want to do the right thing.

(Oh, we don't have to travel for the wedding, so there is no other cost to us).


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