Strengthening deck over concrete brick porch

Chris Simmons
29 days ago
last modified: 29 days ago

i've got a contractor building a deck with notched joists that will be shimmed over a concrete and brick porch. The porch is stable with brick walls under it on three sides and a concrete slab on top. The fourth wall is cracked from jackhammering off the steps. The contractor is going to splice in another beam on the posts supporting the middle of the joists just beyond the porch. Would doubling/sistering each of these notched joists with a second notched joist provide enough strength besides the current notched joists being shimmed to the concrete and brick porch underneath? We could tear down the porch but are worried about cracking the retaining walls that run all the way to the basement on two sides. Porch has dirt under slab and between brick walls.

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