How to have Guest Access to Master (only) Bathroom?

František Škuta
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I have had a house design done for me (max +1 adult with 1-2 children and 2 is a max! ;) ). Currently I live alone and I do not date nor plan to date anyone in near future so please undertsand my plan as a bachelor home with rare visits (3-4 visits a year for couple of days).

You can see the plan (in slovak here), if something needs a translation, let me know but I think it's quite self explanatory from the pictures.

I wanted to have a mini bathroom with 1 toilet and room to wash hands/face.. in case of short visits.. and not to waste space on extra bathroom because of some rare visitors..

Is there a SECRET (/invisible) way to have a door between WC and the main bathroom so random walk-ins won't get in, and there can be a shower on the other side.. ? Idea is to give access to bathroom for longer visits and/or family that could need ot access it while someone's sound asleep ;)

I was thinking of how to do that, and I can scrap one toilet in such case, move the washing machine to place where toilet is on the bottom near bathtub, but.. how to have a door from wc to shower without water getting into wc on normal days.. eh.

(red - moving washing machine, yellow is that extra door)

PS: the building has started and the base plate is getting done.. so I have a chance to remodel interior by moving walls/removing them, adding some doors, etc. ;)

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