Requesting a professional house cleaning prior to closing?

25 days ago

We just made an offer on a new home, which was accepted. Our home inspection is scheduled in about 2 weeks.

While we were viewing the home, we did notice that it was NOT very clean. Nothing that is irreversable, but really pretty grungy, especiall the master bath shower and the floor tile grout. The cabinets need a very good polishing, too.

Would it be reasonable to ask for a professional home cleaning and steam cleaning of the floor tile grout prior to closing? Is this an odd request? I know we could hire someone to do a thorough cleaning after we close, but I really think it should be clean when we take possesion.

I certainly don't want to insult the owners. The home is in an over 55 community, and one never knows their reason for selling--severe illness, etc.

Further information: We made a full price offer and have been very flexible with closing dates, etc.

So--reasonable request or not?

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