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Cement board to densShield transition

last year

Hello everyone,

Someone recommended I use densShield to replace the drywall above our tiled shower. This would be both for the wall above the shower, and the window returns.

I removed the drywall, and as a result I have a shallow channel just behind the tile lip on either side of the window, which reveals the cement board behind the tile (see photo).

I need to slide the densShield into that channel. So it would be in contact with:

1. cement board

2. the thinset mortar behind the tiles

3. the wood studs

4. regular drywall on the side walls and ceiling (inside corners)

5. smaller densShield panels for the window returns

I read in the manual that densShield requires vinyl (ie modified) thinset mortar. But I seem to remember cement board requires unmodified thinset.

And I'm also unsure about how densShield handles corner bead on the window returns. If I had used greenboard for instance I would have tried vinyl.

So my 2 questions are:

1. What's the best way to bond the densShield to the cement board?

2. How would I do the corner bead around the window?

I am grateful for your insights.

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