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I am considering to remove the wall between kitchen and family room. By doing that, the benefits are:

1. Open up two rooms.

2. bright up the family room a little bit. The family room is lack of daylight under current layout

3. Can have a large island instead of a peninsular

In order to have enough cabinets if removing the wall, we have to utilize the 82” wall on the right which will cause some downsides:

1. Will loose the breakfast table in kitchen

2. will make the kitchen extra long on one side. The working area might not be very efficient.

Is it a good idea to remove the wall? If yes, what is the best place for the refrigerator, 1 or 2?

If 1, it is going to be right next to the trim of the patio door. If 2, it is quite bit far from sink and cooktop.

Thank you for any inputs. Really appreciate it.

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