Need an SW paint tester? Cause soon, I'll have all of them.

22 days ago

This is a refresh, not a remodel - new blinds, new lights and paint. Maybe replace a section of counter because of stupid IKEA sink. Blinds are awaiting paint.

Paint Anxiety is just the worst. I think I've got colors until I test them. There is specific criteria for what it should look like rolling around inside my head, but it won't form into words. Or, today the new light fixtures were hung and what looked ok as a test wall color (crisp linen) - just looks like pure white now. It's a gray day, normally the room is filled with nice, gold tones from south-sw light. The lights look fine though - more light, less fixturey.

You know what looks good? FB Arsenic for trim - wee bit scary. You know what else looks good? A couple of hundred other colors that I've not tested yet. I hate this part of making decisions.

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