What color would you use? We are limited by the stone and ugly roof

last month

Earlier this week, a large truck backed into our driveway and snagged the powerline. When they drove off, the powerline and meter box were violently yanked from the house, damaging the beautiful (lol) aluminum siding that has been in place since probably the 1950s

Thankfully, aluminum siding does not appear to be on the market anymore, so all of the siding on the house will need to be replaced with either vinyl siding or (hopefully) an upgrade to Hardiplank

It is a bit of a “lipstick on a pig“ situation with our home, but I am still looking forward to having the siding replaced. The sandstone (?) on the front of the house and the unattractive roof shingles, in my opinion, probably limit the color choices for the replacement siding. The stone is the real deal - like 4+ inches thick; it’s not a facade than can be pulled off and replaced

What color would you choose? Also, would you go with thin planks of Hardiplank, or taller ones (like the aluminum siding)? If something other than horizontal planks would look better on the house, I am completely open to suggestions

We are planning to renovate the house in the next year or two, so hopefully the overall profile will be changing. In the meantime, though, I am excited to have it looking a little better

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