My peace lily is dying. How can I revive it?

Tony Aziten
last month

Hi guys,

My peace lilly is dying. I have it for almost three years and I keep it indoor pretty much all the time. For the first two years or so it actually grew really well. In the last six months the leaves started turning yellow and drying up and basically stopped growing new leaves. I've been watering it with tap water all the time. After I started noticing the problem I have moved it to the balcony hoping that getting more light (indirect sunlight) would help but it seems not working. I just started using some fertiliser 3-4 weeks ago still don't see any difference. I don't think I overwater or underwater in any way cause I've been doing the same for three years. I just don't know what to do to bring it back to life. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you very much.

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