Big tiles in a small bathroom dilemma

Tabatha lilly
27 days ago

I have a bathroom new build and its 187cm by 306cm, with an extra 60cm for a shower at one end and a bath fitting along the 187cm wall the other end. Ive got my grey tiles but they only come in 40cm x 90cm, 90cm x 90cm or 60cm x 60cm.

I really want a large tile as they make a room spacious, but I‘m worried that the 90cm x 90cm is too big. The 60cm x 60cm seems a bit too small with many grout lines.

Downstairs in the lobby I’m using the same colour tile 90cm x 90cm.

What do y’all think? Should I go with a larger tile or stay safe with 60cm x 60cm.

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