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maiden home Crosby or medley mota sofa ? HELP!

2 years ago

Hi everyone! I’ve been sofa hunting for a while now and have finally narrowed it down to the Crosby sofa at maiden home or the mota sofa at Medley. Both have no in store locations so it’s been really hard to imagine and decide.

It would be so great if I can see photos of both (bonus if someone is sitting it so I can get a better idea of height) or any advice, pros/cons about both.

My husband is about 6’1” and I’m about 5’9” so fairly tall.

Medley comes with a great 100 day trial free return policy, but Maiden Home seems to be nicer quality? Maybe ?

I’m also curious to know how the back height feels for both the crosby and mota sofa.
With the crosby, do you feel too upright? Can you lounge on it?

Thank you all!

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