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Aphids on crepe myrtles :(

Randy Man
2 years ago

Aphids has attacked my landscape this yr. They are attacking my crepe myrtles and turning everything around them black. Crepe myrtles are my favorte tree so ive got alot of them on my acre and half lot and about 90 % of them have aphids. How I noticed was they didnt bloom this yr. I have reds, pinks, whites and lavenders. The mauve and reds bloomed a little but barley anything. The lavenders took the big hit as they have now have lost about 80 % of thier leaves and look bad. These crepes are pretty mature so some are over 10 ft, I have a commerical backpack sprayer and been hitting all them pretty hard the last 6-8 weeks but I dont think I am getitng anywhere. They just wont go away!! Any ideas? Ive used bifen XTS, peppermintsoap and oil and malathion over the last 6 - 8 weeks. Since the CM are tall it takes me almost 3 hours to treat all of them. I also prune the tops of them every yr(late winter). Glad I did or I wouldnt be ablle to reach the aphids at the tops. Theres no way they can survive everything Ive thrown at them? or they just fast reproducers?? My guess is the black mold from the honeydew was so bad that it cut off photosyntheses and caused the trees to not bloom and go into dormancy faster? Can anybody confirm that? After I treat I can come back 2-3 days alter and shake the tree and see very small white flies moving around like I did nothing, So frusrating!

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