How to change from downdraft exhaust stove to hood exhaust?

I need to replace an old Jenn Air electric downdraft stove (30-inch slide in). It has modular coil burners, modular grill burner, and a small but efficient convection oven. I have loved this stove, but it has problems of old age. The downdraft exhaust still works extremely well--I can feel tremendous airflow putting my hand in front of the outside vent. However, it seems that stoves with downdraft and electric coil burners are no longer being made.

I am an eclectic cook, cooking for 3 people daily, and occasional large meals. With 6 adult children, I feed a crowd sometimes. I mostly cook with cast iron, but occasionally I use a large aluminum pressure canner. I also regularly use a stainless steel soup pot and stainless steel pressure cooker. Thus, I don't want to go with induction burners exclusively. I used a flat top electric stove (not induction) one summer in a temporary housing situation and absolutely hated that cooking experience. I could not wait to leave it behind and get back to coil or gas. I have cooked on a gas stove in a commercial kitchen, and gas would be great. However, I am seeing awful reviews of gas stoves with downdraft exhaust. The downdraft tries to suck the flame downward and makes it terribly inefficient and slow to cook, per the reviews.

Can a hood exhaust be routed up and back down into existing duct work, or would one have to tear up the ceiling to put in duct work? There is a second story above my kitchen, so an exhaust can't easily go directly out the roof. Is there a downdraft, with coil model out there somewhere I haven't found yet? I don't want or need a complete kitchen re-do, just a stove. I even prefer to keep my tile backsplash behind the stove if possible.

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