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Addition - Attached Garage w/ Master Suite Above + Dining Room

Nate Schlusler
last year
last modified: last year

I bought this house last year. Built in 1905, 2 bed + loft, 1 bath, 1,100 sqft. The lot is around 8,700 sqft. I'm wondering if anyone has opinions on the drawing I attached, it's fairly true to scale but not exact, I'm no architect. Everything highlighted in blue is an addition. My girlfriend and I would like to stay in this house long term if possible. It's walking distance to Lake Michigan, restaurants and is in a good school district.

If we were to stay long term, our main must haves would be to add a garage, master suite and dining area. Assuming we have a child in the future, we feel like this would make our house an option to stay long term instead of moving.

Curious what anyone's thoughts are, is this a mistake and we're better off to just move to larger house or am I on the right track? I had some other ideas for additions, but I figured this would maximize our lot space. Right now, there is a back deck where I put the dining room addition, I figured that space is already taken up, so it was the most logical. I also didn't line up the garage with the front of the house, assuming that would be best as the utilities come in on that side of the house, but not sure if that's true. It's also why I overlapped it with the current bathroom, assuming it would be easier to have the master bath above the garage share a wall with the existing bathroom. I didn't really know how it would work with the stairs going above the garage to the master suite.. I'm also not sure how adjusting the roof lines would work. I included the property line which would be 5ft off the garage, I'm guessing that would meet setback requirements. There are quite a few houses on the street that have done additions, I'm assuming they were all built around the early 1900's.

I'm not expecting any cost ballparks but if you do have any feel free to throw that in as well. We would just be looking to do low/ mid-range and then we can upgrade in the future. Thank you.

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