HELP! Modern exterior update

last month
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Hello! We need help figuring out how to update the exterior. Planning to paint the house a darker gray with green or blue undertones like "soothing sapphire" or "hatteras gray." Also considering "favorite flannel." (all ppg colors). the 4 columns throw us off that are with the set of 3 upper and 3 lower windows on right side of house. Wondering if there is a way to add wood siding somewhere to make it look more modern or possibly just add another structural accent somewhere or another material? Also, we are thinking the main house paint will be darker than the trim color. Thoughts? We are also going to add landscaping and would love suggestions. We are thinking cypress trees to go on each side of the set of windows with the 4 vertical columns, a purple Japanese maple will be centered on the far right wall. purple powwow, a blue globosa on the far right corner. Also for the house thinking a natural looking wood siding to be used on the ceiling under the front porch. Maybe all of that wood should be a different color or updated in some way in that enclave above and around the front door. Not to worry we are definitely redoing the driveway once we get the exterior painted and updated! Open to any and all suggestions! (all three pics are the same just different lighting).

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