Countertop sealer

27 days ago

Hi all. I haven't been here in ages; not sure if there's *anyone* active I know anymore. Apologies for the absence; I'm hoping there is the same impressive and generously shared knowledge around here as before!!

I'm back with a question about my countertops. They're termed "rainforest" and what the countertop industry calls their type I don't recall. I do recall that stone fabricators have a different understanding from my geologist husband! I think they called this a "granite" though it isn't, actually. It is from India, I do recall that.

The question regards its maintenance. I coated it, twice I believe, with an expensive "511" product. But I cannot now remember whether it was just the sealer or an "impregnator". And I have no idea whether it matters. ¿Does it matter to use the same product you used before? If so yikes.

I read about testing to see whether it needed resealing. I think so; water on the surface does turn it dark. It dries back to the same color.

What is recommended by folks here? The "511 sealer"? The "511 impregnator and selaer"? Do I need to find a photo for y'all? I think all the old gardenweb photos still remain, my kitchen is probably in here someplace....?

Thanks for any advice.

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