New Whirlpool fridge help

Paige Casey
last month

I recently got a new fridge (or, my landlords did) and I’m concerned with how it’s functioning. Can’t tell if it’s faulty or it’s user error

We have a Bluetooth temp and humidity sensor as well as a traditional fridge thermometer in there to monitor (we’ve had issues in the past)

It was installed on Friday at 3pm. By night (maybe 8pm?) it was cooled to about 34, so we went ahead and put in the food we were storing in ice filled coolers back in the fridge. After this, the temperature goes up to around 56 but came back to around 38 within about an hour

On Saturday, we went to the grocery store. Three, actually. So within the course of 3 hours we opened the fridge many times and put a variety of groceries into it, mostly already cold ones, but obviously not ice cold. The fridge ranged from 45-40 in this time. It would pretty much be 40 by the time we got back with another load. Also wasn’t that much food, we just like certain stores for certain things

Finally, yesterday it was at about 33 before we put about 4 gallons of water into it at 10am. The water was at about 80 degrees because it had been left on the porch all night. Temp raised to 52 and did not get back to below 40 until 8pm

Does this sound normal/reasonable? Or do we need to call someone?