Plants are expensive!!

Nicole Tirosh
29 days ago

Hi all - we are building our dream home on a corner lot and have over 100 feet of plants we need to fill in front of our fence. It’s above a brick wall so almost like a huge long planter box in front of our fence that wraps around the whole front sides of property .

I had a whole plan and beautiful plants picked out only to do the math and realize that would be thousands of dollars due to the amount I needed. My hope was to mix in feather grass and dwarf olive bushes in some sort of repeat pattern/order but at $30-$40 per 5 Gal at my local nursery this is not going to work as we would need about 80-100 plans to cover the space.

Can someone please recommend a nice green neutral plant to me that’s inexpensive but will still cover the area? Maybe something wide but short (not a hedge)? Pictures attached to help visualize. These would go along the longggggg black wood fence.

Thank you!

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