Colder mornings are back. Are some of your plants back inside yet?

Meyermike(Zone 6a Ma.)
2 months ago
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Hi all)
I know it is so convenient to keep them all outside as long as we can, especially when there’s more light and still warm days even at this time of the year!
It’s so much easier to water them and sometimes I just don’t have the drive to bring them inside right now. Sort of depressing.
But there are some species of plants of mine that ‘must’ come inside when nights get below 55 no matter how warm the day is. We should all learn from this.
I did that yesterday.
49 degrees this morning. First time it dipped below 55 in weeks.
Fog everywhere , moist air and lack of a breeze. A recipe for disaster on certain plants
They sort of look nice in their proper places which I’ll probably rearrange over and over again.
But it is that time for me in order not to risk root rot, winter leaf drop , and or pests.
What have I brought in thus far to avoid these issues?
Hoyas, those that need to be kept on the warmer side at all times like my ‘lacunosa’ ones and other rare fragile ones
Cacti , lots of those except certain jades.
All tropical houseplants.
Citrus. Just a couple knowing I’ll be growing then warm inside
Orchids , orchids , orchids! Lots of them. Just ones don’t fair well with damp mixes like my cattleya. Most can handle cooler temps which is needed to trigger blooming and coloring , as long as the mixes dry out rapidly
What’s staying outside ?
Most of my citrus trees , some orchids , all Christmas cactus, all my annuals , and gardenias, some jades.
Fig trees until a light frost.
What about you ?
What are you bringing some or all of your plants in now, and why?
What are you leaving outside until almost frost ?

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