Help me complete my Living and Dining room!

Steph L.
26 days ago

Ok, so we’ve been slowly putting our downstairs together for the last couple years, but I need help with some key components. I’m trying to lighten it up because we don’t get enough natural light, so we painted our statement wall in the dining room (it was teal and I was over it), and now it matches the other walls. In the dining room I need help with wall art. My style is a mix, but I am most drawn to Scandinavian and mid century modern. Despite this, I don’t really love colorful, geometric designs, so don’t think I want that for the wall art.

We also want to replace the media unit, rug and coffee table in the living room. Everything else must stay for now. I will attach a media unit I really like. Any input is welcome, so thanks in advance!

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