Seeking help with my gasteria plant

newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada
last month
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My daughter purchased this gasteria plant about 3 years ago and kept it at the office. When covid hit, she had to vacate the office and work from home. That summer I put the plant outside (2020). It grew some babies. I eventually repotted it into same pot (not many roots) with succulent potting mix and added perlite.

Now the plant is driving me crazy because it just flops over. Maybe it needs a media change? Maybe the soil depth is incorrect? Maybe the babies should be removed?

I have been using masking tape to hold up the plant, but take it off to water the plant. Then I replace it. I want it to look better!

Right now it is in a 2 inch pot. (Picture shows the pot in a soup bowl.)

My daughter dropped it when bringing home from work, but it survived the fall pretty well with minimal damage.

And one more thing: the babies grow leaves just on opposite sides. Why?

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