Sans. trifasciata Golden Street

Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6
last month
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Try Google it. Very rare yet. Not much information about then.

The problem I am having it so far it hasn't pupped true. Keeps sending up these Gray/green pups. Looks different then any Sans I own. Still I want to hopefully reproduce this rare Sans. I love the colors and it grows great for me. I am afraid it will bloom and then die with only these strange gray pups. Some information I found said the leaves varied greatly on even the same rosette.

My Sans futura Asahi has the same growing condition. Leaves vary greatly and first new pups are lighter green with no trace of yellow. Following leaves shows much more yellow as the rosette continues to produce new leaves. Same said with Sans. futura Gold Flame.

New pup on Golden Street.

Here's the plant next to it's pup I pulled off last year which also has a new pup like itself.

All I can do is wait to see if yellow starts to appears on the new pups later in time.

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